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The story

"Orion of Aberdeen" was presented for sale as a Worldwide Expedition vessel. The organization website advertised Orion as a research vessel, taking scientists into the Atlantic Ocean to conduct research and experiments. However in the subsequent investigation the marina office reported that the vessel rarely, if ever, ventured outside the Las Palmas harbour wall. Purchased in February 2017, the following pages represent a diary of events.  

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Following the discovery of numerous concealed deficiencies a legal case was initiated, and subsequently referred to the police.


An investigation revealed that "Orion" was originally purchased from Dieter & Angelika Schilling in 2011 for an agreed sum of €65,000  The Schillings reported only €62,500 was handed over.


The Schillings sold "Orion" in 2011 under full disclosure regarding its condition including serious corrosion and a fractured keel from a severe grounding.


Furthermore; to make the purchase,  €30,000 + €28,500 was borrowed from two individuals  ...neither of whom have been paid back. Orion was therefore acquired in 2011 for €4,000  


Subsequent inspection by a qualified surveyor revealed numerous problems that are documented herein.

The genuine survey revealed problems which constituted severe danger of death to anyone sailing aboard the vessel. Extracts of the survey under the 2018 tab 

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To expand their business Ocean Con wanted to acquire "Grace of Falmouth", a recently refitted 1926 Danish wooden gaff ketch - renamed  "Grace of Aberdeen".

At the time of purchase and before any problems were discovered, in a gesture of good faith and generosity P Jackson purchased "Grace" for Ocean Con in 2017 and provided an ADDITIONAL 15,000 to kickstart their new business venture. "Grace" had just undergone an extensive one year refit in Falmouth UK. Neglected in the heat of the Canaries the planks dried out and "Grace" was eventually abandoned in Lanzarote. Grace was essentially acquired by Ocean Con for free.

Previous vessels owned by OceanCon

Boat Number #1


(Abandoned Lemmer)

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Boat Number #2

Orion (V. Hazardous)

Boat Number #3


(Abandoned in Lanzarote)

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